Chewings from Lake Constance

Day 1 – 30th July 2012

The sun is out today and the Buchinger Clinic on the edge of Lake Constance looks very different from the day of my arrival yesterday.

Lake Constance from my terrace

Having driven through France in brilliant sunshine yesterday it was disappointing to see the rain as I climbed up through the foothills to the Alps. Mind you it made those fantastic hairpin bends all the more exhilarating, but by the time I arrived at the clinic the rain had really set in and the Lake was shrouded in cloud. I thought I had left that sort of weather behind me for two weeks!

Its strange arriving at a new destination knowing that you will be on your own for the next two weeks, experiencing something which might be all the better for having family and friends for support. But what I think I have let myself in for is probably best not shared. Not in the flesh at least but by writing about it in my blog, I can share it and at the same time keep that sharing at arms length. So hopefully the best of both worlds.

I have to say the welcome was very warm, and they explained in detail what would happen over the first few days. The principle of a digestive rest day before the first day of fasting. The need for a medical check every morning at 7:00, to monitor progress. The support and activities that are available. Mind you I overheard at breakfast from those coming out of the fasting stage that the first 4 days are tough. So the support had better be good. Apparently it’s easy after that.

I saw the nurse this morning, at 7:00, and this afternoon I have an appointment with the doc. Before then a tour of the clinic, and in between a lot of time to kill. But there is a gym, a pool, loads of lovely walks, and I have brought a small library with me, compliments of kindle. So I have plenty of options.

This mornings porridge!

Breakfast this morning was porridge. I hate the stuff. Julie is forever trying to stuff porridge down me, and to no avail. Lunch is also porridge and there is more of the stuff for supper. Going on the fast will be a release!

Why am I here. Well 18 months ago I was diagnosed a diabetic. I thought I could control it through diet. Yeh, right! So then came the medication, Metformin, followed closely by the side effects. When the doctor starts to suggest medication to combat the side effects I start to question medical science. So I took myself off the Metformin and basically asked the doctor to suggest an alternative that wasn’t going to beat up my body! So I am now on Gliclazide, or at least I was. First thing the nurse told me yesterday when she checked my blood sugar was to stop taking the medication. Now that was music to my ears. No messing with these Germans!

Julie found this clinic and said I should try it. She had to nag me and I was very resistant at first, but once I relented I was committed. People come here for a variety of reasons, to tackle their weight, de stress, unwind, get back into fitness, or as in my case to combat an illness. To be honest I doubt they will reverse the diabetes, but I do think that they will give it a good kick up the backside and if I can benefit from all the above at the same time then great. I certainly intend to give it a go.

So, the important stuff.

Weight: 106.3kgs
Blood sugar: 159 (it was 183 when I arrived yesterday)
Blood pressure: 130/80

See you tomorrow.


2 Responses to Chewings from Lake Constance

  1. julie wilmshurst says:

    mddc, what a little challenge ahead – I know you will be strong and not only meet it but surpass it –
    it’s your gift to you…I never could convince you about that porridge and I see nothing has changed – perhaps its the nurses uniform….ttmab jxoxoxo

  2. Rachel Wilmshurst says:

    Porridge for brekkie, lunch and dinner??! I like porridge, but that is a challenge, one that I wouldn’t look forward to! Throw yourself right in Dad, along with all the other things you will undoubtedly achieve, just think about how great you’re going to feel at the end of the two weeks. Thinking of you xxxx

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