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RWC 2011 – a Kiwi, Bill, and a ute

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Well, loads of Kiwis actually, one Bill (otherwise know as the Webb Ellis Cup), and a number of utes. I had hoped to post this yesterday, but the hangover from the day before said otherwise. Not a drunken hangover I … Continue reading

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RWC 2011 – it’s a girl!

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At half time in the Wales/France game I received a text. “We are in the hospital. The contractions are frequent”. Talk about timing Charlie. I am at a tense and gripping encounter in a Rugby World Cup semi final, right … Continue reading

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Rugby World Cup 2011 – it’s going to be tense.

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I will pin my colours to the mast straight away. My heart says Wales v NZ for the final , but my head says France v NZ. But having got my predictions only 50% correct last week I suggest you take … Continue reading

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Goldwater Merlot – Waiheke?

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It has been raining for the last few days on Waiheke. Elsewhere too by all accounts. Last night the rains reached storm proportions, and, for the first time, sat on the deck as I write, we can hear the waves … Continue reading

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RWC 2011 – History repeating itself?

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Today is my birthday. No big deal at my age really and apologies for mentioning it. But I would have liked a birthday present from the England Dwarf Throwing, Binge Drinking, Ferry Jumping, Teflon Hands, Bungy Jumping, Rudderless, Witless, Clueless Rugby Team. … Continue reading

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RWC 2011 – just about to begin!

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Last weekend, John and I managed three games, SA/Samoa, England/Scotland, and Wales/Fiji. In my view three of those teams will be contesting the semi finals, the other, of course, will be the AB’s. But first, Saturday night. Well, to be … Continue reading

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RWC 2011 – Va Va Voom Samoa

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It’s 1.30am in the morning, John and I have just returned from the South Africa v  Samoa game and I’m still buzzing. First off, John and I caught up with Bob and Rosie, at The Cloud on Queens Wharf. Now, … Continue reading

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RWC 2011 – rugby not so bright this week!

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I still get that sense of anticipation before a big rugby game, the hairs stand up on the back of my neck, the adrenaline flows, and the butterflies jump in the stomach. I know, I’m 55 and should have grown up by now. … Continue reading

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Man O’War, Valhalla – heaven indeed

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The island of Waiheke lies in the Hauraki Gulf, a 30 minute ferry ride from downtown Auckland across the Tamaki Strait. The views from the island back to Auckland to the west, and the Coromandel to the east are stunning. There are very few … Continue reading

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RWC 2011 – The Calcutta Duck

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Meet the duck. The Calcutta Duck. A trophy played for each year between Scotland and England, with the losing fan, either John (Scotland) or me (England) holding the duck for the year, until the return fixture, as a sort of reminder … Continue reading

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