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Sisters 2009 – Passage Rock, Te Matuku Bay, Waiheke Island

What could be better than to get two sisters to review Sisters, a Passage Rock, Waiheke wine. I don’t just throw this together you know. Perfect planning and execution all the way! Anyway, more on that later. This has been … Continue reading

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Still obsessed! The Obsidian 2010

The boxes arrived last week, three of them, shipped all the way from Onetangi, Waiheke Island, Auckland, New Zealand. 36 bottles of Kiwi nectar, Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah, direct from the Obsidian vineyard. Made with love, the product of much … Continue reading

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Peacock Sky, Cabernet Sauvignon 2009 – delivers more than it promises.

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The prospect of capturing memories of Waiheke when its 5° outside, overcast, dull, and a roaring fire essential to keeping warm, is remote. All the more remote for being 12,000 miles away. But where is the harm in trying, not least when you have a … Continue reading

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RWC 2011 – a Kiwi, Bill, and a ute

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Well, loads of Kiwis actually, one Bill (otherwise know as the Webb Ellis Cup), and a number of utes. I had hoped to post this yesterday, but the hangover from the day before said otherwise. Not a drunken hangover I … Continue reading

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Obsidian Obsession – Part 2

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Two and a bit years ago my son, Mikey, married Charlie. One of my tasks for the occasion was to provide the red wine for the wedding. The choice was not difficult. To begin with it had to be Bordeaux. … Continue reading

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RWC 2011 – what a journey!

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I cannot believe that the journey is almost at an end. In no time we will be back at Eden Park for the final game, New Zealand v France, the cumulation of seven weeks rugby, some good, some not so … Continue reading

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RWC 2011 – it’s a girl!

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At half time in the Wales/France game I received a text. “We are in the hospital. The contractions are frequent”. Talk about timing Charlie. I am at a tense and gripping encounter in a Rugby World Cup semi final, right … Continue reading

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Rugby World Cup 2011 – it’s going to be tense.

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I will pin my colours to the mast straight away. My heart says Wales v NZ for the final , but my head says France v NZ. But having got my predictions only 50% correct last week I suggest you take … Continue reading

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Goldwater Merlot – Waiheke?

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It has been raining for the last few days on Waiheke. Elsewhere too by all accounts. Last night the rains reached storm proportions, and, for the first time, sat on the deck as I write, we can hear the waves … Continue reading

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RWC 2011 – History repeating itself?

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Today is my birthday. No big deal at my age really and apologies for mentioning it. But I would have liked a birthday present from the England Dwarf Throwing, Binge Drinking, Ferry Jumping, Teflon Hands, Bungy Jumping, Rudderless, Witless, Clueless Rugby Team. … Continue reading

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