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Well, not so bad – fasting solo the Buchinger way

Its Sunday, the day after my digestive day, having fasted for 8 days. I feel great, and friends and family tell me I look great. I like the sound of that. I am left convinced that this is the way. I now … Continue reading

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Going solo, going strong – fasting the Buchinger way.

I thought this was going to be harder. 7 days into my fast and still no real issues. In fact quite the contrary. This morning my alarm went at 6:00, and 1 minute later I was up. I had a … Continue reading

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Going solo – fasting the Buchinger Way

Following my stay at the Buchinger last year there is one piece of advice that has remained with me above all the sound advice I was given during my stay. Life has to be fun, so have a drink and … Continue reading

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The Buchinger Diary – An update

Today was my annual diabetes checkup. A day of judgement, one that would prove, or disprove, the lasting effects or not of my two week fast at the Buchinger. I am going to keep this brief, let the facts speak … Continue reading

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Buchinger Diary – Day 13

Well, almost at journey’s end, I return home tomorrow. So perhaps now is the time to reflect. The nervousness and anticipation upon arrival seems a long time ago now, as does the unfamiliarity of the place. I now know it like … Continue reading

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Buchinger Clinic Diary – Days 11 and 12

Today I break the fast. After 10 days of fasting, it finally comes to an end. For those of you that have not been paying attention my routine of the last 10 days has been as follows; 5.30 am wake and … Continue reading

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Buchinger Clinic Diary – Day 10

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Buchinger, Buchinger, Buchinger, Buchinger, (ignore this, just experimenting). I woke up yesterday feeling like Bambi, not for breakfast I might add, but full of the joys of spring, light and fleet of foot. I leapt up the stairs to the … Continue reading

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Buchinger Clinic Diary – Day 9

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I have decided that the rowing machine is faulty. No, seriously! To begin with it takes me several goes to get it to register that I am even on the thing. I set it up, start rowing and nothing happens. … Continue reading

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Buchinger Clinic Diary – Day 8

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Quite by coincidence I came across this article on the BBC website last night and it is well worth a read. At my last consultation with my doctor we talked briefly about how I could keep things going when I … Continue reading

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Buchinger Diary – Days 6 and 7

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Saturday was a bad day, and as a result I started to feel sorry for myself. Yuck! Not a good quality to admit to. It started well enough, when I joined the 6.00 am walking group, more on the walking … Continue reading

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