Roundabouts, red lights and buses! – Jogle 2015

Day 7 – 13th August

Kendal – Lancaster – Preston – Wigan – Warrington – 90.7 miles

This was always going to be an awkward day. Bob had said as much. Once we had left the margins of the Lake District down into Kendal and on to Lancaster the ride became very urban. First Preston and than the conurbations of Wigan and then Warrington. A day of roundabouts and traffic lights and buses! 

We cycled 90 miles which was tiring in itself but the mental tiredness from having to concentrate so much was far worse. Some of the roundabouts are like speedways, the red lights break your rhythm and as for the buses, one overtakes you, then stops, you overtake it, then it overtakes you, then stops, you overtake it … and repeat. I think you get the gist. Tedious. Tonight is the most tired I have felt so far. 

Kendal and Lancaster are lovely towns, surrounded by wonderful countryside. We stopped at Diggles in Lancaster City centre for a coffee, bacon bap and free wifi. It was our last significant stop for the next 45 miles. Trev couldn’t find our designated route and then struggled to find anywhere to park up until just outside of Warrington. Fortunately the weather was settled and we had just enough food and water on us to keep us going. Bob had said all along that he identified today as our most difficult, for Trev and for us. He was right – thus far at least. 

We set off in brilliant sunshine but by lunchtime it had become overcast and grey and threatened rain. A day that Bill Bryson considers so English that he christened it a Tupperware day – so all in grey that you might as well be inside a Tupperware box. Dull. But at least it didn’t rain. 

The most pleasing aspect was the over estimated mileage for the day. We had calculated 105 miles when In fact it was only 90! And on a day when the scope for getting lost was high. So definitely a result!

I had expected to wake up very sore in a certain region this morning since both Bob and I had nominated yesterday sore arse day. But this trip has reminded me of two things. The restorative power of a hot shower and the amazing ability the body has to adapt. Overnight my body must have decided that if I insisted on being so stupid it was going to be better prepared. All I would say is that if I’m the stupid one how come it took until day 6 for by body to cotton on. But all due credit my backside was good as gold today.

Past the halfway mark today at Garstang!

Miles to go 460


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One Response to Roundabouts, red lights and buses! – Jogle 2015

  1. Anton says:

    I’m feeling less envious about Wigan and Warrington than Loch Lomond and Glencoe but I guess you have to do it all and see it all to win the big prize. On,on. Anton

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