Four seasons in one hour – Jogle 2015

Day 4 – 10th August

Monsoon, hurricane, thunder, lightning, sunshine, blue skies. All in the space of one hour. Yep, you heard it here first. But you couldn’t make it up.

We set off at 7.15 this morning knowing that we had 80 miles ahead of us and two very long climbs up Glencoe and Rannock Moor and then through the Trossachs. It was a lovely morning, overcast, but dry, and a wind that you would term a breeze really. So promising. As a consequence we made good time, making the Bridge at Ballachulish 16 miles away inside an hour and avoiding most of the busy traffic on the narrow A82.

The climb up Glencoe lay ahead and as we gained altitude the mist set in and by 9.00 it had started to rain and the breeze had turned into a wind. That was the pattern for the rest of the morning, mist, rain and wind. But Glencoe is famous for good reason and despite the weather the scenery was breath taking, and I suspect the 6 mile climb up to Rannock Moor is hard work in any weather conditions. Besides, it was simply a privilege to cycle up it.

From there we climbed through the Trossachs, a 5 mile pull into Tyndrum where we stopped at the Green Wellie for lunch. By now we were as wet as drowned rats but a change of clothes and a hot meal soon picked us up. Then the 6 mile drop into Crianlarich. What a treat. I have never been on such a long downhill run before and with the zips pulled down and a strong wind in our faces it felt good to be alive (and dry). But not dry for long.

We could see a storm brewing in the distance and by the time we reached the start of Loch Lomond it was throwing it down. In no time we were drenched again. Then came the thunder and lightning, blowing a gale and torrential rain. We could see cars aquaplaning on the bends ahead and decided it was time to get off the road. Of course we then started to get cold and when for Bob that turned to shivers it was time to set off again. Within minutes we were bathed in brilliant sunshine under beautiful blue skies. As I say you couldn’t make it up.

But you know what, today was fun. We got soaked, we had a laugh, we made reasonable time when we were on the road and we cycled up Glencoe. It does not get much better than that.

Before we go, we must mention Ben. We bumped into him in the middle of Fort William. He was clearly a man on a mission and he asked us what we were doing. So am I he said. The only difference, he is walking from JO’Gs to L’sE!! Bob wanted to suggest to him that he did it walking backwards, make it a proper challenge! I’m glad you didn’t Bob.

Stats for the day

Miles 78.7

Av. speed 9.05 (incl. stops)

Max speed 29.70

Climb 1,873 m

Total distance to date 268.6 miles (731.4)

Please do encourage your families and friends to sponsor us, this is proving a hard slog!


About Oval Balls

Middle aged and sport loving who loves his wife, children, granddaughters, and family. Other joys include the theatre, travel, reading, writing, walking, good food, great wine, fun friends and life generally. I never thought that I would embrace the "social network" to the extent of reading other peoples blogs, let alone writing one myself. Twitter too. But as you can see, or read, I have been converted.
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7 Responses to Four seasons in one hour – Jogle 2015

  1. Dad says:

    Mum says you are doing very well and sends her love. Enjoyed your card of the first day’s effort.
    Looking forward to seeing you on Saturday

  2. Dad says:

    Well done Chris and Bob. Chris you may remember years ago it was a lot easier to travel through the Trossachs while touring in our caravan.Hopefully the lighter winds and a drier day forcast for Tuesday will be reasonably accurate. Enjoy your ride.

  3. Dave Etheridge says:

    Chris (and Bob),
    What a journey…well done. Inspirational stuff and I look forward to cycling with you on Saturday.
    Dave Etheridge

  4. Anton says:

    Was thinking about you in the gym yesterday. Am trying to edge back slowly – too slowly – from months of inactivity due to injury and bad diet/lifestyle. 20 mins on the bike,slow pace,11km,no inclines,cool and dry,watching Ashes highlights. Concluded that what you were doing at the same moment was not very similar,especially the saddle. Your blog today confirms this view. Quite envious of the views though. And what a story when you cross the line. On,on. Anton

  5. Lindsay Spilman says:


    What a fantastic journey you are on! Go you good blokes!

    I thought cycling in Scotland would be challenging, and you have confirmed it.

    Cheers and best wishes

    Lindsay SPILMAN +64 27 490 8249

    • Julie says:

      Lindsay! How wonderful to see your comment… The guys are indeed meeting the challenge head on!…i hope we can catch up with you and Janet in NZ very soon…we visited your lovely Obsidian at Christmas it was perfect…we miss you onWaiheke… Will be in touch. Love julie. Xxxx

  6. gpfnz says:

    Your weather sounds like just another day in Auckland :). Just as well you’re both determined souls – many would have given up already. Keep those pedals turning boys. You’re making good progress!

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